Speaker Jurne Azubiah; Event Black Wombman Empowered Health


Black Wombman Empowered Health
19th September 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Speaker Jurne Azubiah

Jurne Azubiah is a qualified diet and nutrition advisor who is passionate about offering the drugless art of healing to her clients as well as providing them with the relevant information about how to apply her healing modalities.

Jurne Azubiah makes it her priority to provide practical tools to help you stay well, feel whole and look great! She clarifies the myths and misconceptions about health, nutrition, food, pharmaceutical drugs and sickness.

Her nutritonal approach is holistic, natural, spiritual and a simple way to reclaim back your health and stay well.

Jurne Azubiah emphasisis that vibrant health is possible. Supreme health is your birthright. She believes everyone who intends to make the ultimate change can achieve their maximum potential of wellness by understanding the basic principles of diet and nutrition.
When diet is used for treatment medical drugs are not needed. Her teachings are based on the natural laws of life, prevention and care. Jurne Azubiahencourages wellness and awareness beyond a universal stage where sickness is absent.


I am very passionate about diet & nutrition. I have been passionate about health from as young as 15 years of age. After being diagnosed with having cancerous cells in my cervix, I decided to embark on a journey of self healing. I removed all cooked food and transitioned to a raw food diet, which included daily doses of high dense nutrients. Within 8 months of being on my new diet and implementing nutritional protocols, my cells started to repair themselves. When I went back for my results there were no more cancerous cells to be found.

I soon became increasingly aware how we can heal and restore supreme health through diet and nutrition. I was inspired to become a diet and nutrition advisor in order to share knowledge and help others to reclaim back their health. I am devoted to re-educating people about the importance of taking care of their health.

My aim is not to convince you but to inform you. I aspire to empower you with enough knowledge so you are confident enough to take full responsibility for your own well being. My preventative health care approach has been proven to work for those who apply my protocols. I offer home and phone consultations following a strictly confidential approach.

Jurne Azubiah S.A.C Dip
Diet & Nutrition Advisor
Creative Artist

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Workshop Information

Black Wombman Empowered Health workshop is a well needed space created for like minded sisters to gather together for honest, open dialogue about challenges to health, spirituality, diet and healing that black wombmen face. The space created is for us to share our stories, energies and heal together.

Within this space we will impart knowledge about diet, nutrition, health, spirituality & emotional healing. We will support you to uncover your innate power tools and gifts to suceed in life. To help and improve your relationship with food, family, friends and most importantly with self.

Spirituality is defined as one's personal relationship with divinity and focuses primarily on ones individual experiences of the transcendent. Health is defined as healing the body, mind and soul from inside out. Spirituality and health are vitally important to the psychological well-being of black wombmen. The two fit like a hand to a glove. In order for the black wombman to rise and reclaim back her leadership role in her community, spirituality and health must be reconnected and become harmonious and balanced within.

Our approach to facilitating the Black Wombman Empowered Health workshop is unique, empathic, holistic, creative and empowering. So book your ticket and be a part of an authentic experience. Come and enjoy soulful connections with like minded sisters as you reclaim your health, spirituality and life. Embrace a new way of being, perceiving and experience greater freedom, joy and well being. Bring along a journal and wear comfortable clothing. We look forward to seeing you there!!

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