Black African Women Rock (BAWR).


2motivate & 2inspire .. BAWR was founded by Lindani Moyo -Masuku , BAWR is officially a registered company .BAWR is to empower,encourage and support women


The mission of BAWR ,is to encourage and motivate women to pursue their dreams. To encourage and promote advertising of their business on our page. Promoting independency and using their creative nurture to embrace and own their dreams to become successful . As I believe that women don't belong in the KITCHEN.

(Lindani Moyo -Masuku)

Company Overview
BAWR website is currently under construction ,will be up and running soon, its officially registered in the u.k , the foundation will also be running in African , the BAWR awards 14 , seminars and workshops will be up and running soon . The rest of the updates will be found on our website ..for any info or involvement please email.


2motivate & 2inspire..... Black African Women Rock {BAWR} was founded by Lindani Moyo-masuku . BAWR is a self help development organisation , as a founder of this organisation , my dreams are to support, motivate, inspire women to follow their dreams , to encourage each other to think positive and use our creative skills to build our dreams. As women we are strong , beautiful and we blossom like a rose when well nurtured that's the symbol behind the creation of the BAWR logo. I believe when nurtured, the sky is the limit, lets love ourselves and build that self confidence and self esteem , lets all try and be supportive to each others dreams be small or big cause all our dreams are equal in this family of growth.....This is a platform of growth, support, motivation, inspiration and courage and most of all LOVE ..... ROSE is not only a symbol of love but also a symbol of courage and going back ..a rose lasts a lifetime let your dreams be a lifetime...Nurture that dream and watch it BLOSSOM .... cause u all ROCK...
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Black German Heritage and Research Association (BGHRA)


Dear friends and colleagues,

Thanks to all who have inquired about the dates and location for the 2014 Black German Convention. After three consecutive years of very successful conferences, we have decided to move this year to a semi-annual convention schedule. In keeping with this decision, we will not be hosting a convention in 2014 and will reconvene in August 2015. Like other conferences with similar meeting structures, we feel this is both the most efficient way of distributing the tremendous amount of work that our small group of organizers put into the conference, as well as a very effective way of sustaining our momentum for the future.

Our hope is that during the 'off years' of the conference, a space will be created for other types of less formal activities for the Black German community in the US, and we encourage those interested in such events to please be in touch with us via our email at . We also welcome the interest of institutional partners who would be willing to host future conventions.

We appreciate the support each of you has given us over the past few years and we look forward to an equally vibrant conference in 2015.

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