Plane Simple Travel

Angelica has launched a Facebook page aimed at black and ethnic individuals who wish to travel around the world on a BUDGET!

She has recently returned from China, 7 months travelling around South East Asia and northern Asia. Whilst traveling she rarely saw other ethnic backpackers, especially black people. She thought it was a huge shame that the ethnic community was not taking advantage of this big wide world. That is how she came up with the idea of starting this Facebook page.

Her main aim is to give great travel deals to black and ethnic individuals or anyone with an interest in traveling; enabling them to experience a different culture, broaden one’s mind and experience a new way of life. Traveling has so many positives!

Plane Simple Travel is a travel page aiming to create awareness and provide a service for people who wish to see the world on a budget. We traveled through South East Asia and Northern Asia on a very small budget and managed to see 9 counties for 7 months. We would like others who think they could never see the world due to small funds to join our page, see our deals and take advantage of them!

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