The convention week that was by Adrianne George

“Americans Coming Together” – 2012 Democratic National Convention

My Swede’s good friend asked me why I thought it was important to attend the Democratic National Convention. I got the feeling that he thought it was a bit over the top and didn’t understand a delegate’s roll or why I would travel so far just to wave an American flag.

I answered that it was not only an honor to go and represent Americans living abroad as we cast our votes to nominate President Obama and Vice President Biden to run for a second term, but it was my duty to be active in a political system that for years excluded women and blacks. It was my duty to be vigilant as certain forces move now to enact voter laws that would restrict the participation of many including students, the elderly, the poor and others without ID thought would be acceptable as proof of identity to vote.

I answered that it was my duty to engage Americans overseas and in the US to register and vote against those who would deny you health care, a women’s right to choose about her body, have blocked legislation such at the Jobs Act, or opposed the right of gays to openly serve in the military. The list is long. But my mission is clear: Get Out The Vote! And vote informed. What kind of America do you want?

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  1. Thank you for your support in getting to the convention!


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