Vote Adrianne George for EMEA DNC Delegate 2012

It would be a privilege to represent Americans living abroad at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte next September. My video explains why.

If you haven't already, please view my delegate campaign video on the left explaining why I wanted to be a delegate. Being elected a delegate to represent Democrats Abroad at the Democratic National Convention is a big honor and I am thrilled to be able to participate in this way. Now I need your help to cover the cost of being a delegate.

Convention delegates have to pay their own transportation to Charlotte, for their hotels rooms, food and other incidentals. For me that means:

- Round trip airfare from Stockholm to Charlotte ($1,074.20)
- Hotel ($650.00)
- Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) weekly card ($17.50)
- Estimated food ($175.00)
- Estimated WiFi/Internet/Mobile phone access ($100)

I support the Democratic Party for many reasons. Here are just a few issues Democrats support that are important to me:

Civil Rights Act and the right to vote;
Affordable Health Care Act;
Immigration Reform; and
Gays serving in the military.

Visit the Democratic Party website for more information.

I will be forever grateful for you helping me fund my trip to the convention. Thank you for your support and sharing your generosity with me!

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  1. Thank you for your support! It was a honor to represent Americans living overseas at the convention.

    You can see my convention photos on my Pinterest board:


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