MaShiAat (Queen Mother) of the Kindred of ShiEndra

Oloya Maati Philae’ Adedapoidle Tyehimba-Ford carries the title of MaShiAat (Queen Mother), and is co-founder and presiding Queen Mother of our local California Temple and Spiritual organization, The Kindred of ShiEndra and founding Mother and Spiritual Leader of a conglomeration of affiliated Temples within the Kindred of ShiEndra and the Grand Temple of Divine to include a Kemetic community in Egypt/Africa.

The Kindred of ShiEndra is a legal and active 501© 3 matriarchal/matrilineal Temple and Spiritual community based on the spiritual morality and universal concepts of the Kemetic (Pre-Egyptian) pantheon. MaShiAat is co-founder of the Kephra Holistic Institute and co-creator of the Kephric Transformational Platform both dedicated to the concepts of complete wellness through holistic, indigenous, and naturopathic modalities. MaShiAat Oloya is an ordained IyaNifa and Initiated priest of Oya and Esu in the Ifa tradition and is the third daughter ordained by Z Budapest as High Priestess within the original Dianic lineage of the Wiccan Goddess/Great Mother tradition. MaShiAat Oloya lectures and facilitates workshops with many local and national community activists and spiritual leaders. She is often considered the bridge between mainstream religious churches and indigenous spirituality, making it a personal crusade to expose the truth and similarities between the philosophies of these religious groups, in particularly Christianity and indigenous spirituality with the intent to build respect and unity among the people as a whole.

The Kindred of ShiEndra is an inclusive and unifying spiritual and cultural community dedicated to deepening the awareness and expressions of oneness in divinity; activating our highest potential as individuals and as a collective; celebrating our unified lineages through active participation in the community, education, ritual, holistic health and lifestyle, and as a supporter and promoter of artists and the Arts. We serve all beings regardless of their race, culture, religious preference, sexual orientation, and gender. Our primary focus is to end all forms of internalized, spiritual, and social oppression.

MaShiAat Oloya is a Holistic and Spiritual Practitioner and Midwife, holding numerous degrees and certification in nursing, indigenous, and complementary healing including Master Reiki, HaVla Body Massage, Breath Work, Vibrational Healing, and Body Treatment. MaShiAat Oloya also teaches and lectures on Unity Among All Tribes, Ancestral Spirituality, Kemetic Breath, Body Movement, Womin’s Spirituality, the Matriarchal Lifestyle, and HaVla Body Treatment. She holds private sessions on Life Coaching and Spiritual Activation, Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle, African Divination, Ancestral Divination, Past Life Regressions, Guided Meditation, Spiritual Consultation, Rites of Passage, Initiations and Ceremonies of all types both legal and spiritual. Along with her blessed practice as a priestess to family and community, she brings grace to the stage as a wonderful songstress. As a member of the vocal based Goddess Gospel Ensemble, AriSata, MaShiAat Oloya provides a refreshing breath of inspiration through her divinely given vocal and drumming talents.

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