Global Arts Media Initiative for Women of African Descent

As always, we need your love and support. It only takes 30 seconds to vote Live Unchained…

We are in a competition to win support to develop our initiative as a non-profit organization. We’ve already developed a business plan, preliminary board of directors and short and long-term goals. We are ready to take our project to the next level and do justice to a project of this scope and importance. So, this competition is right on time.

Please vote for Live Unchained here:

You simply need to register (don’t worry you won’t receive a ton of annoying e-mails) and then click “I Agree” next to our project. You have to maker sure you click “I Agree”–some people simply clicked “Like” thinking they voted, but if you don’t see your name, the vote didn’t count.

Also, please leave comments explaining why you support Live Unchained. We appreciate everything we’ve seen so far =)

Come April, we’ll all be winners. Now, it’s time to show up, show out and shut it down! Please take 30 seconds to vote Live Unchained now.

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