Sudan: Woman sentenced to a public lashing for daring to wear trousers

Imperial Matriarch H.I.M Empress Shebah `Ra - Queen Shebah III calls upon all women worldwide to come in action against actions as shown in the below video

This video of young woman being brutally whipped by a police officer in public has inflamed the Sudanese Web since it was posted online last Wednesday. Our Observer says the footage shocked even the most conservative Sudanese people. This isn’t the first time that a woman is submitted to a public flogging for “indecent” behaviour in Sudan (in this case, the young woman was reportedly sentenced for wearing trousers).

A little over a year ago, the case of Lubna Hussein, a Sudanese woman who defied the courts to carry out her public whipping despite the immunity granted by her status as a UN staffer, made international headlines. Under pressure, the Sudanese government eventually pardoned Lubna, but as the recent video shows, other women aren’t so lucky.


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  1. this is sick and very barbaric. these are not men they are animals. their government is not one of intelligence, sophistication, or for the people. they are vicious animals with power. they have no humanity and clearly don't see themselves as people because no human being can mistreat another human like this. Backwards idiots!!! this is why we as a race will never prosper because we of all people in the world know better. we are called to a higher purpose. we are supposed to be the race who stops this kind of madness not perpetuate it.

  2. This is one of the reasons black africa is falling apart. I bet if a ww wore pants they would not bat an eye. The mf are mentally sick. They beat up on women because a real man would kick their asses.
    These punks in uniforms are having a field day laughing.


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