The Most Powerful Black Women in Europe List – Call for nominations

The first list of its kind will recognize black women across Europe who are powerful in a variety of ways.

Nov 07,2010 - Stockholm, Sweden - “I was inspired by Forbes' Most Powerful Women 2010 List on which Michelle Obama is named the most powerful woman in the world”, explains Adrianne George, the creator of the Black Women in Europe™ Blog, social network, and social media group. “I decided to compile a list of The Most Powerful Black Women in Europe”.

The Black Women in Europe™ Social Network, and Linkedin Group members have submitted nominees and the general public is invited to do the same. You can suggest a name to be included on the 1st The Most Powerful Black Women in Europe List by commenting on: or by emailing

Simply include a name of a powerful black women in Europe (or 2 or a dozen), their country, and why they are powerful. If they have a website please include the URL.

The deadline for nominations is 29 November 2010. The list will be published on the award-winning Black Women in Europe Blog™ on 3 December 2010.

“It is time we had a list of our own”, George adds.

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  1. I cannot wait to learn about all of the powerful sisters across Europe that have inspired their nominees!


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