21st Century Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto

© 2010 Blanche Williams, National Black Women’s Town Hall, Inc.

1. Redefine Our Identity

Redefine our identity by consciously rejecting the unhealthy, untrue, and unworthy images that attempt to deny our greatness, extinguish our brilliance, and defeat our spirit. We instead stand firmly in our divine birthright to live a life adorned with grace, excellence, and integrity. We will align ourselves with like minds and assign our goals with like achievers.

2. Reclaim Our Dignity

Reclaim our dignity by walking in the spirit of decency and humility regardless of images that show less than our finest. We will embrace that which pierces our dignity as women, in order to recognize and reshape its effect on our thoughts and expressions. We will no longer allow external forces to dictate the choices we make or the actions we take but will empower our intuitive intelligence to be the force that guides us. We are sisters first, regardless of the diversity of life and styles we encompass.

3. Revolutionize Our Thinking

Revolutionize our thinking by being willing to step outside the box of boundaries and our self-imposed limitations. We will develop a willingness to break down the walls of negativity, doubt, fear, and jealousy and rebuild a mindset strong, positive, and forward thinking. We will shatter our mind’s glass ceiling and learn to soar above the frays of mediocrity. Our evolution, as women ,must be televised in order to demystify those images that have been allowed to run rampant throughout our society.

4. Redesign Our Image

Redesign our image by reshaping and remolding ourselves into who we want to represent instead of what sells. We will learn to take the front seat to frame who we are and not the back seat and take what others want us to emulate. We will learn to take the high road where our ancestors taught us we should be and not the low road where we “dummy down” and accept being marginalized, objectified or hyper sexualized. We will speak out and up for ourselves and our sisters when anyone attempts to disrespect our legacies. We will chart a course that will illuminate our diversity, celebrate our fabulosity, and stimulate our ambitions. We will be the architects of our destiny and builders of our endless possibilities.

5. Rebirth Our Self-Respect

Rebirth our self-respect by understanding and accepting that we are endowed with the right to be respected, revered, honored and adored. As black women, we raise the children of a great race. As black women, we adorn the heavens with the spirits of queens, sojourners, leaders, mothers, daughters and friends. As black women we birth the spirits that knock at our doors of consciousness. As we grow in the ways of sisterhood, we will learn to rebirth a nation that begins within the womb of our feelings, our self-worth, and our self-love. The sisterhood can only give what it possesses, therefore we are committed to nurture, support, and uplift the inner child in us all. We will show loving respect for every sister as we grow to fully and authentically love and respect ourselves.

6. Rebuild Our Relationships

Rebuild our relationships by being accountable for who we are and the role we play in the lives of others. Are our bonds breakable or unshakeable? We will learn to thoughtfully explore the connections we have with other women and how much we honor their presence in our lives. Are there sister relationships that need renovating or do you need a personal overhaul to re-evaluate, re-access or re-focus? Do we treat or speak about our sisters with venom or victory? The sisterhood will not tolerate cheating on the spirit of a sister through jealousy, deceit, or defamation of character. Learn to let people be who they and you must be who you’re destined to become; a sister beyond compare!

7. Restore Our Hope

Restore our hope by each sister living their dreams. We can’t allow anyone’s image or descriptions of us diminish our goal and date with destiny. The best revenge is performance. As we align together in force and focus, we will be the hope and the dream of our ancestors who put the “p” in purpose, pride, and perseverance. We didn’t struggle and stride to now lose our sense of direction. Regardless of what you see, we know better and we must do better to hold each other accountable. Together we can be rock solid in our dedication to uphold the code of the Sisterhood of Greatness.

8. Reconnect With Our Body

Reconnect with the vessel that houses the greatness that lives within by releasing self-judgment, negative and neglectful thoughts. We are charged with reverencing, maintaining and embracing our bodies by integrating positive habits that encourage a healthy life and spirit of wellness. The way we treat and care for ourselves is a direct reflection of how we perceive our self-worth. Our bodies are sacred and hold a divine connection with our inner being and outer humanity.

9. Redeem Our Soulful Spirit

Redeem our soulful spirits by unleashing the false perceptions and conceptions we have about ourselves and our ability to rise above adversity to live in peace and harmony. We are designed to be mindfully innovative, to excel at all things, and to love and be loved in abundance. God’s universe awaits our instruction and bows to our every wish and desire. We must learn to work through our doubts and fears in order to truly reach our highest potential. As African-American women we hold the keys, the map, and the DNA of destiny.

10. Re-Unite Our Sisterhood

Re-unite our sisterhood by coming together and bringing someone else along. We are tied to each other because of the fabric we were created within. Our roles are interchangeable because our maturation is tied to diversity of experience, exposure, and insight. Our power is intergenerational! When we look at the landscape of our lives, there will always be a sister who can help you through any peak or valley because they have already walked that path. We will learn to be each others source and voice. When we apply our understanding and willingness to tap into the wisdom of the sisterhood we will experience a bond that is transformative and exhilarating. We are our sisters.


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