Women of the African Diaspora (WAD) Website and Social Network 2nd Anniversary Opportunity

The Afro European Sisters Network and award winning Black Women in Europe™ Blog joined forces in November 2007 to form the Women of the African Diaspora website and social network. The Women of the African Diaspora website is a source of information, inspiration and more for black women around the world. We would like to celebrate our 2nd anniversary by giving gifts to our website visitors and social network members.

Call for sponsors

Adrianne George and Sandra Rafaela, founders of the Women of the African Diaspora website and social network are requesting businesses and individuals who provide products or services of interest to black women to sponsor our 2nd anniversary.

Benefits to sponsors

During the period 3 September 2008 to 3 October 2009 the WAD website had over 6,000 unique visitors from the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Nigeria, India, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, the Philippines, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, China, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, Ghana, Brazil, Slovenia, Denmark, Japan, Poland, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Finland, Russia, Romania, Jamaica, Ivory Coast, Suriname, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Sudan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Israel, U.S. Virgin Islands, Malaysia, Lebanon, Senegal, Egypt, Bermuda, Barbados, Uganda, Hungary, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Mexico, Benin, Guadeloupe, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Iran, Bahamas, Colombia, Morocco, the Czech Republic, Bahrain, Vietnam, Oman, French Guiana, Rwanda, Kuwait, Chile, Singapore, Cameroon, Saint Lucia, Ukraine, Mozambique, Venezuela, Argentina, Malta, Peru, Qatar, the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Togo, Antigua and Barbuda, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Croatia, Tunisia, Ecuador, Martinique, Algeria, Malawi, Guyana, Tanzania, Myanmar [Burma], Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Latvia, Nepal, Georgia, Bangladesh, Mayotte, Angola, Jordan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, São Tomé and Príncipe, Zambia, Aruba, Jersey, Cyprus, Cape Verde, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Réunion, Iceland, Uruguay, Gambia, Dominican Republic, Niger, Slovakia and Liberia.

Your business will be advertised in the press release announcing our anniversary, on the WAD website and social network and listed on our partners’ page http://womenoftheafricandiaspora.com/partners/ with your logo linking to your website. As a WAD partner you are encouraged to periodically share information with us to be included on our website.

Deadline and contact information
Please contact us by 2 November 2009 to secure your sponsorship. Email Sandra with any questions and your offer on sandra@womenoftheafricandiaspora.com. Include your logo and website address.

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