Scent-sational You

Nina Curtis Founder The Nile Institute

We created a custom perfume to turn us into super vixens.

Poison. Opium. Chanel No. 5. Shalimar. Lovely perfumes, but not unique.

Enter The Perfume Studio, a UK-based company that will help you blend your signature fragrance. Its west coast debut is at The Nile Institute.

We asked Nile owner Nina Curtis and fragrance expert Sue G. Phillips to help us blend a perfume that makes us irresistible. Some secrets behind our scent, "Vital Vixen":

- Vanilla. "It's comfortable and approachable," says Phillips--so it draws in suitors.
- Sweet grasses. "Men like a hint of sweetness because it hearkens back to familiarity and comfort," reveals Phillips.
- Sandalwood and musk. "These are both incredibly sensual," says Phillips. (The musk is synthetic, since producing genuine musk harms animals.)
- The scent no one recognizes. "Aldehyde [reminiscent of alcohol] is a molecular compound that's hard to pinpoint, which makes it surprising and alluring," says Phillips (no wonder Coco used it in Chanel No. 5).

You can take the class and create your own unique blend to take home ($85), or call The Nile Institute and request "Vital Vixen."



The Nile Institute is dedicated to offering exceptional client care and the finest in professional, personal care treatments and products. As ‘A Source Vital’ we are committed to offering you an escape from the stress of every day life.We customize each service offering to enhance your health, wellness and beauty. Our services provide the latest in innovation and performance enhanced therapies.Let our experts develop a wholistic skin care and beauty program that promises to deliver lasting results and visible differences.

As Managing Director of the Nile Institute, Nina Curtis orchestrates the symphony of the Nile. With over 25 years of experience in the personal care industry, Ms. Curtis is recognized as an innovative business woman, therapist, lecturer and consultant. Known to many as the ‘esthetician’s esthetician’ and the ‘skin care coach’, Ms. Curtis travels internationally staying abreast of the leading trends and industry advancements that she incorporates in the service offerings at the Nile Institute.

The Nile Institute, 9053 Nemo St.,
West Hollywood, (310) 275-6453
Contact Nina Curtis:

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