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Women of African descent from all spiritual backgrounds who love life's secrets along with beauty, life, family, creativity and health

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This spot on the World Wide Web is to be a virtual temple that celebrates the Divine Feminine nature for women of African descent all over the world. These women are recognized as "Goddesses" for nothing more than their understanding that they are divine by nature because they are birthed from the supernatural energies of the Cosmos. It is understood from both spirituality and science that we can determine our reality, so with that knowledge, it is also understood that we are Goddesses because of our ability to create.

Women of African descent (referred to hereon as "Sistas") are welcome from all backgrounds and faiths as long as they offer a reverence and honor for Sacred Feminine Archetypes and their divine feminine gifts. This website does not advocate a particular path but recognizes that all paths to the Goddess are valid and respected.

On this website, every Sista comes with respect for her fellow Goddesses both in and out of attendance. All Goddesses here are part of a community and as such, the site grows harmoniously due to the creativity and fellowship of each Goddess.

This website strives to keep open communication with all of its members and promote gifts and services that are mentioned to the Moderator. On this site, we believe that even after centuries of pain and malign, Sistas the world over can shake the dust off and embrace her divine birthright: Goddesshood.

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