Plastic Surgery

(Bernice Angoh)

We've all seen and heard of the horror stories unfortunately, the trend still increases. So many people want to look like the celebrities. They hate themselves, they hate their noses, their chins, their butts, their eyes and everything that's about them. Some want to be different people altogether. "I want to be like Barbie" They say. So they go under the knife 30 to 40 times before they turn thirty! We have become an extremely vain society.

Parents have become advocates. They are too lazy to teach their kids about self-esteem or self-image. For graduation they shower them with extravagant gifts and no, I'm not talking about a brand new car, this one is more special; a brand new pair of perfect breasts. High school kids barely even 21years old, that's what they want and that's what Mom and Dad give them. It is a perfect world!

Liposuction is the most common form of plastic surgery, with about 18-100 deaths per 100,000 performed. There are also grave risks including:

1) Infections: Like any other surgery, infections may occur is the wound is not properly cleaned. It is important for a doctor to prescribe antibiotics for his patients. Sometimes there are bacteria that start to eat up the tissue and cause infections that may be deadly. Also a toxic shock syndrome may occur, it is a bacterial infection commonly associated with surgery you may have heard this too with women who use tampons.

2) Complications with Anesthesia: Like most surgeries, anesthetic toxicity may occur. Large amounts of this when given can cause the heart to stop and consequently death.

3) Imbalance of Fluids: Your body's fat contains lots of fluids and this is what is taken or removed during surgery. Excess fluid may collect in the lungs and your kidney in trying to maintain this imbalance may fail

4) Skin Death or Necrosis: Skin around or above surgery area may 'die off' and fall. Bacteria may also grow in such areas and skin color changes occur and become infected with microorganisms.

5) Loss of Sensation: Sometimes, there may be permanent loss of 'feeling' or sensation to the area. Usually in the case of breast implants, around the nipple.

6) Perforated Organs: Organs may be wounded and perforated during procedures and this may be fatal.

7) Clots: Loosened fat may travel through broken blood vessels and cause a clot in the brain, blood vessels and in the lungs where it will cause shortness of breath or breathing difficulties. Sometimes these clots may cause permanent disabilities and/or death.

There are more complications that can occur during plastic surgery but they are too many to name. So many people try to fill the emptiness in them with things that will instead cause more like plastic surgery. Because, like most things, it becomes an addiction--you will never feel good enough and there can always be more procedures done. Plastic surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry and most surgeons will not turn down a returning patient. It means more money in their pockets and it is a business.

Some people have been termed 'Plastic Surgery Nightmares' for a good reason. Most celebrities due to public scrutiny have become addicts themselves at least they have the money to splurge. But when you see someone who's only making $10 per hour at a job and spends years saving up almost $10,000.00 to get a face lift or breast implant, you begin to wonder what is going on in their brains.

With celebrities, one day you see them this way and the next time, they look like burnt victims, or battered victims or ghosts. I remember Mickey Rouke when he used to be younger and handsome. Now he looks like a burn victim. Vivica A. Fox has probably injected more collagen into her lips than needed and even though she still looks pretty, she was prettier before. Some people have done so many face lifts they actually can not distinguish themselves from their own cats. Then the new Botox trend has left others with expressionless faces.

Everyday in the news we hear of another person who died because of plastic surgery gone bad. In 2004 we lost Olivia Goldsmith from 'The first wives' club' due to a facelift gone bad.

Just recently, rap artist, Kanye West, lost his beloved mother to plastic surgery. I understand people who need it for medical purposes but those whose only reason is vanity, baffle me. There are more kids and families out there who can be sponsored for medical procedures because they don't have the funds. Yet we have a society so selfish and so self-centered who would go through extreme lengths to change their already beautiful self to something they think is more 'ideal'.

30% of aging and 70% is lifestyle. That is a fact. So instead of going through all the risks and throwing all that money away maybe we can do the following non-quick-fixes:

1) Change your diet, eat better and make better choices to lose weight.

2) Exercise, three times a week, thirty minutes each time. Get off the couch, put off the TV and take a walk.

3) Start taking care of your skin now and don't wait till you are 'older'. A lady should start having a skin care regimen from age 12. For the number one in prestige skin care(and retail sales)try either 'Artistry' or '' from the following site:

For those of you who are older, there is an alternative for Botox that has everyone talking. We call it 'Notox'. Visit and look for Artistry Time Defiance Intensive Repair Serum in the search box on the site. Enjoy free shipping on most of our products.

4) Last but not the least. Love yourself as you are.

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