Launching Black Women Council 9 September 2008 Brussels

High Level Roundtable discussion on
"The Role of Black Women in an all inclusive Europe,challenges faced by Black Communitie"

Welcome by

-Brenda King
President of the Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citzenship of the European Economic and Social Comittee

-Beatrice Achaleke
Initiator Black European Women's Council, Executive Director of AFRA- International Center for Black Women's Perspective, Austria


- Lissy Groner
MEP, Committe on Women's Rights and Gender Equality, the European Parliament

- Pascale Charhon
Director of ENAR- Director ENAR-European Network Against Racism

-Myria Vassiliadou
Secretary General of European Women's Lobby

-Yvette Jarvis
City Council Athens Greece

-Anne Gaspard
Executive Director Equinet

More speakers:

-Vladimir Spidla
Commissioner responsible for Emplyament, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

-MEP Christa Prets
MEP, Committee on Culture and Education, the European Parliament

-Peter Moore
Member of the Committee of the Regions and rapporteur for the opinion on Equal opportunitie, Member of Sheffield City Council

-Morten Kjaerum
Director of FRA- European Fundamental Rights Agency, Austria

-Hellen Felter
Co-Initiator BEWC, Tiye International, The Netherlands

-Slyvia Serbin
Writer and City Counselor, France

-Leah Sempaya
Black European Women's Council, Sweden

It was great to be there and to be part of the lauching of the Black European Women Council. Finally we have a Visible Voice in Europe!


Read Press Release Click Here

Voices of Black European Women 1

1st Black European Women's Congress

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