Organik B.L.U

Organik B.L.U has been birthed by a woman for women ONLY.

Within the space of one month Organik B.L.U has managed to attract over 200 registered members to our Social Network.

Organik B.L.U has been c8ted truly for the expression of Mind, Body & Soul. Expression is LYFE! We represent love, respect, acceptance, appreciation, spirituality, unity, empowerment & all things beautifull!

We are a NO DRAMA ZONE. Drama kills the soul and robs your cr8tivity!
Our mission is to kill drama (negativity) and give birth to GROWTH (love)!

We are more than a Social Network. We are here to be of service to you!
Organik B.L.U helps to support our LGBT community in what ever way possible. If you need one2one support, if you are organising an event or have a product that needs to be seen or heard, let us know!

We are here to celebrate our Beauty, our Creativity, our Relationships and most of all our LIVES! Organik B.L.U is making amazing changes within the Black Lesbian Community. Upliftment is all we know!

Are you ready to meet other Black Lesbians who are positive, cr8tive, beautifull, spiritual and doing something wonderfully amazing with their lives? If so, then Organik B.L.U is the space for you. Your place awaits you!

We look forward to you being a part of The Organik B.L.U experience!

Organik B.L.U (s) services:

-Spiritual Advice

-Drugs & Alcohol Support

-Relationship Support

-Health & Nutrition

-Workshops & Seminars

-Web Solutions & Design

-Marketing & Promotion

-Networking & Outings

"women that come together stick together" - Ms B.L.U


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