Kobina Wright


I am on a path to discovery- the space within myself has been explored, just as the moon has, but there are so many more expanded galaxies to uncover … so many new planets, stars and asteroid belts to name. So here I am growing like a textbook with living pages and a mobile spine; breathing life when I’m thumbed through. It’s an exciting time for growth for me and those around me, as I’m experimenting with my own reality, trying to see old things with new eyes and looking for adventures in each new day. I am a writer. Currently I’m working on a volume of poetry I have titled, “The World, The Devil and The Flesh.” It’s my most exciting and experimental work yet.

I am also a writer for Associated Content and in 2007 I won the AC Award for having the most subscribers (www.associatedcontent.com/article/447700/100_tasks_in_100_days.html). I’ve also written for publications such as LACMA Magazine; CYH Magazine, and The Daily Titan. I am the author of the books, “Oh Yeah,” “Growth Spurt,” “Say it! Say Gen-o-cide!!” and “The Hodaoa-Anibo Dictionary.” I am an actress. I studied at the Gloria Gifford Conservatory for Performing Arts. I can be seen in the horror film “Dark Town” and the comedy “Messed in the Head,” and in the independent short “Sunday Morning Striper” – which is probably not what you think it is. I am currently represented by Brand Models and Talent Agency.

I am an artist. More recently, I’ve been incorporating the Hodaoa-Anibo language into my work – like in my oil pastel pieces titled, “Pa Sya Vi Hum;” “Rokoze;” “Balpa Giye;” and “Bademieka.” The Hodaoa-Anibo language is a work of art itself. It was created (by me) in 2003 in dedication to the African captives brought to America beginning in 1619, who were not allowed to keep their native languages to pass down to their posterity. Every second Saturday of the month is now called “Hodaoa (Sho. DOE. ah) Saturdays. This is the time those understanding, interested in or fascinated by the language can consciously share bits of the language to make other people aware of its existence.

Peace Kobina Wright


Kobina on YouTube:
Growth Spurt
Clueless monologue

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