Diane Cameron (Daughter of Diaspora)


Singer, Songwriter Diane Cameron returns for the 2008 Gospel & Racines Festival in the Republic of Benin, West Africa on July 27th. This will be the 3rd appearance for this Chicago native. She will once again reach out to Benin’s abundance of talented musicians for accompaniment during her appearance. Diane is affectionately called the “Daughter of Diaspora” because her writing and singing passion is mostly set to African themes and history. In 2005 she was nominated by the KORA AWARDS for her original song “Come Back Home To Africa” from “The Reconciliation” CD.

Ms. Cameron will debut her new CD “Diaspora Child” at the festival. “I look forward to once again collaborating with my Beninese musical family, Christi VI, Okine, Mathias Dangbe and the heavenly vocals of K-Sim and others. Music is spiritual,” she continues, “it permeates the soul and feeds the spirit. As musical artist, we must sing songs that uplift the nations. In the sometimes chaotic world we live in, music can be a soothing balm. I am thankful to God that he allows me to be a conduit to his healing essence. It unites us all, superseding religion, race and locality.”

While in Benin, she will visit orphanages and schools demonstrating her “Diaspora’s Child” youth cultural programs created out of her love for the young people of Benin. Ms. Cameron has also been invited by Community Connections Organization in Togo and plans to visit schools in Togo and Ghana as well. As Executive Director of the Alabama Benin Forum her attendance in Benin will also focus on the economic exchange between the business community of both the State of Alabama and the Republic of Benin.

"We live in a Global Society...Our neighbors are next door or a continent away. Our prayers should not be just for our children...but also for the children we may never meet. When I eat a meal and drink clean water, I should be mindful that my neighbors across the waters may not have eaten in a week. When I am tempted to complain about the rain, I repent and remember that my sisters and brothers in other countries may be praying for rain. As musical artists, we are the modern day griot....we must sing the stories…….the mantle is in our hands. Music is my contribution to my collective earth family...It’s the least I can do....." Diane Cameron.

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