Images of Black Women Film Festival

Images of Black Women Film Festival

Feb 29 - Mar 1 - Mar 2 -Mar 29

This year's festival will open with our "Remember & Reflect" forum, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King's assassination. The festival's opening film "Talk to Me", from US black woman director Kasi Lemmons gives an insight into the black empowerment movement of the 60's. The film “ features Hollywood A list Don Cheadle & Chiwetel Ejiofor -will be the catalyst for a discussion panel around today's youth and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.

Further screenings will highlight women's role during this era: "Beah: A Black Woman Speaks" (US) by Lisa-Gay Hamilton, a documentary that celebrates the life of legendary African American actress, poet and political activist Beah Richards. Films such as "Loving Hand: The Sybil Phoenix Story" (UK) by Lucia Tambini & "Gerty Archimede: The people Candidate" (Guadeloupe) by Mariette Montpierre will show the similarities and differences between women's struggle against discrimination in France & the UK.

Furthermore the slogan "Black is beautiful" will be revisited with US comedy "Phat Girlz" (film's sound track: "You Are My African Queen" by 2face Idibia, Nigeria) by Nnegest Likke followed by a discussion panel to explore mainstream influence on the way black women feel about themselves. The film's main male character, who is rising Hollywood talent Jimmy Jean-Louis better known as the Haitian from TV series "Heroes" will have a Q&A's session with the audience. He will also introduce the Haitian film "Cousines" by Richard Senecal.
Special event featuring the UK premieres of films by two African Women Filmmakers;
Have you ever wondered why African women have such beautiful smile?

Have you ever wondered how Muslim & Non-Muslim people have shared the same country in peace for centuries? Have you ever heard of the film genre: the African Western?

This exceptional and unique forum will take you by surprise with films such as "My Beautiful Smile" and "Senegalese Women & Islam" by Angele Diabang-Brenner; and the Award winning film, "Al'leesi, An African Actress" by Filmmaker/journalist Rahmatou Keiita from Niger. Both filmmakers will have Q&A's with the audience.

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